What's New


  • Improvement of QR Code Destination to open the model in AR view with friendly url /?ar-view

1234 or /?ar-cat



  • Addition of Rotation Limits - Restrict the amount the user can rotate the model in the viewer
  • Addition of Disable Zoom option
  • Addition of QR Code Destination option on a per model basis
  • Improvements of AR Model Editing page layout


  • Addition of Loading and hidden model viewer whilst loading on QR code stand alone model links
  • Improvements to category option in ardisplay shortcode
  • Further Android intent URL improvements


  • Admin Interface styling improvements
  • Admin - Auto update of model when new file uploaded or chosen from Media Library
  • Open AR automatically with QR code when global setting is Model Viewer
  • Zoom constraints improvements
  • Popup close button improvements when using ar-view shortcode
  • Set Featured AR image now using REST API
  • Android intent URL improvements


  • AR View shortcode improvement to fix Android AR loading issue


  • Updated Woocommerce Product Image template
  • Reset to Initial View Option Globally and per model
  • Improvements to ar-view shortcode


  • Custom QR Code Image override generated QR Code on each product
  • Custom QR Code Destination override the URL used for generated QR Code on each product
  • Disable Prompt on each model
  • Improved JS handling


  • Global setting to choose units for Dimensions - m, cm, mm, in
  • Disable model interaction - no rotating and zooming in browser view only
  • ar-view shortcode addition of the buttons attribute to display links as html buttons
  • Fail safe in place if qr code cannot be generated


  • Improved licence key feedback on settings page
  • Elementor Fix
  • Copy the Woocomerce Single Product template file to your theme via button on Settings Page


  • Addition of Gutenberg Block
  • Addition of text option for ar-view shortcode, opening in popup fullscreen


  • Asset Builder improvements
  • Shortcode display improvements
  • API Additions - Delete and Featured Image options


  • Hide Dimensions option added to API
  • cURL fallback using file_get_contents


  • Hide Dimensions on a per model basis


  • Fullscreen popup improvements
  • Set Featured Image improvements
  • Replaced file_get_contents with cURL
  • Display of AR not supported message for desktops


  • Fixed issue with Disable Fullscreen and Dimensions conflict
  • Improved Set Current Camera View as Initial button response


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Endpoint API functionality
  • Improvements to Licence Key system
  • Improvements to AR standalone Button - Shows 3D model and note if clicked on Desktop
  • Settings Page Layout Improvements
  • Added global QR Code Destination option to settings page, which take mobile users directly to the model-viewer or to the parent page the model is displayed on


  • Custom Play and Pause buttons and positioning for animated models
  • Option for Dimensions to be displayed in inches
  • Improved Licence key checking


  • WordPress Widget
  • Elementor Widget


  • Custom element positioning within Model Viewer - Applicable to individual models
  • CSS Style Editing - Applicable to individual models
  • Code Improvements


  • Custom element positioning within Model Viewer
  • CSS Style Editing


  • Call To Action Button - Displays on 3D Model view and in AR view on Android


  • Set Featured Image button - creates a PNG file of the current model view, adds it to the media library and sets it as the featured image


  • Improved licence key check
  • Option to prioritise Scene Viewer over WebXR on Android devices


  • Option to disable the interaction prompt and model rotation/wriggle
  • Compatibility with Woocommerce 7.0.0


  • Improved AR model admin layout
  • Hotspot functionality - add hotspot annotations to your models
  • Editing of placement, QR button, AR Button, animation button and scale settings dynamically update in model view in admin editing pages


  • Legacy Lighting option
  • Option to set initial camera view
  • Editing of field of view, exposure, shadow and zoom settings dynamically update in model view in admin editing pages


  • Removed loading icon when clicking AR button


  • Fixed Android loading issue when scene viewer crashes. Prioritised webxr
Please visit Augmented Reality Plugins to view the full change log.